1. Choose the right cooling system:
According to the advice of experts, in normal temperature conditions, many people should choose a mild dehumidification mode to save electricity.

2. Leave the temperature control appropriate
In Japan, the most appropriate temperature is 27 to 28 degrees C. Many people just claim one degree of equivalent to the electricity of air conditioner will reduce by 10%. In Vietnam, the recommended temperature is 26 degrees C.

3. Set up automatic fan mode:

This way saves electricity when the machine’s operating capacity is smaller than other modes, and the whole room will be completely cool. Some users often let blowers blow hard into a certain area, which is both wasteful and unhealthy in the long run.

4. Clean the air filter regularly:

The cleaning time of the air filter unit is recommended 2 times a week to ensure the device operates stably as well as reducing the capacity burden. Filter nets are often designed to be removed quite easily, but care should be taken to use cold water to wash and not to dry them as they can deform because they cannot withstand high temperatures. When you’re washing water, it is also important to spray the right side so that the dirt falls from the left side of the sieve.

5. Use a heat-resistant silver plate to cover the outdoor unit

This allows the outdoor unit of the air conditioner to be exposed to direct sunlight. If conditions permit, the user can make better anti-heat wooden frames or other insulation materials. The cost of buying heat-resistant silver plates is quite cheap but can save money on air-conditioning by up to 10%.

Air conditioning decoration interior of room

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