Currently, there is no vaccine to prevent COVID-19 for children, the World Health Organization (WHO), hospitals and experts have recommended a number of instructions to help children against the pandemic such as:

1. Wearing a mask: Parents need to wear masks and guide their children to wear masks correctly too.

2. Attention to hygiene: Wash children’s hands often under running water with soap or antiseptic products for at least 20 seconds; Instruct your children to rinse their mouth and throat with mouthwash. Tell your children to avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth to prevent infection.

3. Stay away from crowded places: Parents need to prevent leading their children to crowded places, limit direct contact with people having signs of respiratory infection (fever, cough, difficulty breathing).

4. Parents should instruct children to cover their mouth and nose when they cough or sneeze to reduce the spread of respiratory secretions. Do not spit indiscriminately in public.

5. Regularly wipe floors, doorknobs and surfaces of household objects with soap and other common disinfectant products. Increase ventilation in residential areas by opening doors and windows or using professional air conditioning systems with standard ventilation and disinfection technologies, limiting the use of conventional air conditioning.

6. When a child has symptoms of fever, cough, difficulty breathing… parents should immediately notify the health authority. Also provide information on symptoms and travel history in recent times to get the right support.

In addition, parents need to help their children establish a reasonable and healthy diet, activities, play and study to improve their children’s physical and mental health.

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