How do you start your morning? Either way, what you do in the morning will determine your mood all day. So your morning must be as healthy and effective as possible. Therefore, despite the fact that the work is jumbled, overtime, but Tinh Ky engineers still maintain the activity “Warm -up of new day”.

Morning is the time when you make the first impression when others look at you. If you start the day with a negative energy then you will be upset, frustrated, alienated from everyone, … then everyone will look at you with astonishing, annoying eyes and will not be willing to help you or vice versa. Morning is the best time for you to create the positive energy and that positive energy will decide the rest of your day. Tinh Ky “Warm Up” shall help you achieve that. After “Warm Up”, start a new day with a bright smile. A good start for new day not only gives you more energy but also makes you more open, your work becomes better, more creative.

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