In order to improve the solidarity spirit of staffs, TINH KY organized an annual tour combining with Teambuiding activities in Phan Thiet with the topic of “Breaking The Limit”

This is an annual activity of TINH KY whereby the leadership can express their gratefulness for the great contribution of all employees to the development of the company, also the opportunity for all members in the company to have the opportunity to share the experience as well as difficulties in job and life. Simultaneously, it creates the relaxing atmosphere after stressful working hours, and also motivates the spirit of hard working of each individual to achieve the goal of the whole company.

The tour really gave all the members of the company the great experience. They warmed up the atmosphere of the beach with the uniform color and enthusiasm when together joining in the teambuilding program on the beach with the topic of “Breaking The Limit”.

The tour ended well after a long journey. The exciting experience has brought the newness and left much unforgettable impression in the hearts of every member of the TINH KY great family.

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