In order to promote and enhance the cooperation between the two companies, Mr. SAIMA YUKI – Representative of RYOKI had a meeting at Tinh Ky office.

For Tinh Ky, RYOKI is a prestigious company and one of the key potential partners of Tinh Ky in the field of M&E. The cooperation between Tinh Ky and RYOKI is based on the exchange of experience and projects on M & E including ventilation, air conditioning systems…

The Board of Directors welcomes Representative of RYOKI

At the meeting, the two parties introduced their companies, analyzed the potential cooperation points in the future, the remaining points and together discussed measures to solve the existing problems to raise the relation between the two parties to a new height. Tinh Ky thanked RYOKI for cooperation and choosing Tinh Ky to be partner and pledged to continue cooperating with RYOKI in the future.

The meeting took place in the spirit of open exchange and high agreement on the contents of cooperation and development. Hope that in new year of 2017, we shall reap a lot of success from this close cooperation.

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