An old year has passed and Tinh Ky Company has grown up a new age. Looking back 2017, Tinh Ky Company summarized the achievements but also not forget the experiences, they are  luggages  for the journey to conquer new heights in the future. YEAR-END PARTY 2017 – HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 was held in the joyful and warm atmosphere, was the opportunity for all members of Tinh Ky to warm up the solidarity, the relationship after a year at projects throughout the country. A new spring has been coming, wishing for  the whole Company Tinh Ky that you will have a warm holiday with your family, relatives, friends. It is the source of power for each of us to complete very well the mission of the New Year, 2018.

The Booard of Directors and members of Tinh Ky Company held the meeting to summarize and set targets for 2018:


Everyone was determined to achieve the 2018 goals

The Board of Directors rewarded good individuals in 2017:


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hai on behalf of the Board of Directors presented Tet gifts to each member of Tinh Ky Company:

The party was held in a playful and warm space:

Mr. Le Van Doan – President of Tinh Ky Company, read the opening speech of the Year-End party:



The Board of Directors opened champagne to celebrate the new year:

The party was taken place in a cheerful manner in the MC’s coordinator, the games and entertainments from the departments of the Tinh Ky Company are mixed together, brought fun to attendees. :

The departments of Tinh Ky Company were confident to perform:



Beside that, there were the lucky draw and quiz show:





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