Fire alarm system, Fire Prevention & Protection System

Tinh Ky is the M&E main contractor specializing in supply and installation of fire alarm, fire suppression system in Ho Chi Minh City. The fire alarm system of Tinh Ky operates automatically to detect, alert quickly, accurately and timely; automatically issues the alarm signal, indicator and control signals of peripheral devices.



Fire alarm systems are divided into two types:

• Conventional Fire Alarm System
• Addressable Fire Alarm System.

Fire alarm system of Tinh Ky includes:

• Control Panel.

• Input:

- Smoke Detector : Spot smoke detector (ionization smoke detector and photoelectric smoke detector) & beam smoke detector .
- Heat Detector : Fixed temperature and Rate- of-Rise heat detector .
- Gas Detector.
- Flame Detector.
- Emergency breaker.

• Output:

- Annunciator.
- Bell.
- Siren.
- Lamp: Exit Light, Corridor Lamp, Room Lamp, Emergency Light.
- Automatic dialer
- Keypad.
- Addressable module.



• Korea – Vietnam Incubator Park
• Laos World Bank Offices
• Diamond Island - District 2
• Dam Gia Project- Nha Trang
• Vinpearl Empire Condotel

Prestige of Tinh Ky is created by the quality of each system, each construction that we undertake. Tinh Ky commits to continuously endeavour to improve the workmanship, progress and construction standards, meeting the increasing needs of customers. The success of customer is the motivation of Tinh Ky.