General maintenance

The stable operation of machinery, construction work on schedule and safe operation depend a lot on maintenance work.

In order to ensure the useful life of project as well as the whole system, Tinh Ky commits to provide the high quality, professional and speedy M & E maintenance services.



• Periodic maintenance of electrical equipment and system, fire prevention and protection, air conditioning, lighting, electrical cabinets systems, etc. of works, buildings, workshops.

• Repair and replace M & E devices.

•Review and evaluation of the safety and stability of the system.

• Support via phone, mail, facsimile, or direct settlement of issues arising during the M & E operation process as quickly as possible.

• Evaluate and announce of information as well as preventive maintenance measures,

• Maintain and repair M & E system and equipment.

•Professionally apply maintenance solution for each system failure.



• Posco Viet Nam Factory

The maintenance service of Tinh Ky is the perfect cost-saving solution that improves the life of your construction and your M & E system
Tinh Ky, stepping stone for high-quality works