Water supply and drainage

The role of the water supply and drainage system is extremely important to the life and activities of socio-economic development. The investment in water supply and drainage has mostly paid little attention to waste water treatment plants and has only concentrated in cities, so the receiving sources of waste water and rain- water in many areas are seriously polluted.



Where there is Tinh Ky, the quality of life is improved. The speed and quality of construction of the main contractor is the hope of the people. Tinh Ky Main Contractor is honored to build the water supply and drainage system for the construction works, contribute to improving the water source, become the most prestigious contractor in supplying & installing water supply and drainage system at home and abroad.

We supply and install the water supply and drainage system with the following items:

• Rain-water drainage system
• Waste water drainage system
• Waste water treatment system.
• Water tank system.
• Clean water treatment system.
• Clean water distribution system.
• Hot water system and distribution system.

With an experienced water supply and drainage engineers, Tinh Ky has built large-scale production plants such as: waste water treatment system for Fuco steel factory; systems of waste water treatment, waste water drainage, clean water treatment, water tank for Myanmar Posco C & C steel factory ; systems of water distribution, rain water, waste water supply and drainage for Lock & Lock factory; systems of waste water treatment, supply and drainage, rain-water drainage, hot water and distribution network for the incubator park project in Can Tho Province.

Tinh Ky M & E main contractor is confident about ability to consult, plan, design and build water supply and drainage projects, including construct and install of water supply and drainage systems, supply of water supply and drainage equipment, complete of records and improve the quality of water supply activities of the project.



• Korea – Vietnam Incubator Park
• Laos World Bank Offices
• Diamond Island - District 2
• Dam Gia Project- Nha Trang
• Vinpearl Empire Condotel

Tinh Ky performs the optimal solutions the fastest that brings the highest added value to customers and community by applying world-class technology.